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Crime On Campus:

Every year, parents send their kids off to college with the expectation that they will be receiving their education in a safe environment. However, the reality is that college can be a dangerous place for students. Beyond sex, drugs and alcohol, campus crime is a serious issue even at the top schools.

Many parents and students focus on academic rankings by organizations like Forbes and US News, but often give little thought to the amount and type of crime that occurs on those same campuses.

Are you enrolled in or have a son or daughter attending college? Have you seen the campus crime reports for your school? Now with PanicAPP, you can sleep well at night knowing your child has the most effective real-time security app on their phone.

With a couple of clicks, PanicAPP instantly notifies the Campus and Local police and instantly streams the video and audio to the dispatcher. Cutting down on the time it takes for an officer to arrive for help.

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