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Crime Against Real Estate Agents is Growing:

Real estate is sometimes a dangerous occupation…especially if you are alone in a model home in a new subdivision, hosting an open house or showing properties to unknown prospects.

Given the wrong circumstances at the wrong time, it can be downright deadly. A few years ago, a couple of agents in a new home subdivision in Acworth, Georgia were working at the model home and a man murdered both of them. He was convicted of the murders but that did not help the victims and it was very difficult for the police to track down the killer. These occurrences are now happening all to often for comfort. This is one of the reasons we invented PanicAPP.

Once you download the mobile app and put in your personal data, you are now connected to the police or emergency services with the click of a button. Now, when you activate the panic button, the police will instantly receive the live streaming video and audio from your smartphone. They also will know immediately your GPS location and have two-way communications going on with you in real time.

My hope and prayer is that PanicAPP will help agents fell more secure in the field know that now you can get help immediately without going through any third parties. In the past an agent would have to rely on the builder or home owner to install security cameras before any video of an assailant would be shown. Even then, you did not have instant communication with the police. Now you do. With PanicAPP, you can take comfort in knowing help is only a click away.

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