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Welcome To Our Mobile APP

PanicAPP for iOS and Android is the most comprehensive personal safety app on the market. With the push of a button, PanicAPP starts streaming the audio and video from your phone to emergency services. You have the ability to choose the service dispatch or stream to all service dispatchers. This allows the authorities to watch the situation as it unfolds and allows you a two-way conversation just like a regular phone call. Responding units are immediately directed to the users’ GPS location. With only 2 clicks, emergency personnel is able to see the a live video from a mobile device, hear the audio surrounding the occurring event and instantly activate the right response to a distressful situation.


Download the App

Step 1: Go to Android or IOS store and download the app.

Phone number

Step 2: Input your Cell Phone number for emergency services to access.

Confirm Identity

Step 3: Input your verification code to confirm your identity.


Contact Information

Step 4: Put in your contact information

Enable Phone Services

Step 5: Enable phone services to stream your audio and video to emergency services.

You Are Protected

Step 6: You are ready to use the app.

What A Dispatcher Sees?

The dispatchers who have PanicAPP calls routed to them from the PanicAPP dashboard, has instant access to critical information that helps them understand the events taking place. Streaming live video at the scene of critical events provides dispatchers with personal details, give exact GPS location coordinates and displays the persons personal information (User must put in this information for during setup for dispatcher to access). These details are a vital part of prioritizing distress calls and deploying the proper responder to the scene.


A police dispatcher will see your exact GPS location along with the officers closest to respond. They also see the streaming video and audio broadcasting from your phone.


A fire dispatcher will see your exact GPS location along with the details streaming from your phone. Your are in constant communication with the dispatcher to guide them during the fire.


The Emergency Services dispatcher will see your exact GPS location along with your medical information that you input into the system when you signed up. This allows the medical personnel to be prepared for your situation even before they arrive.



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