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Violent Crime In Running Rampant:

In today’s violent world, you can never be to careful when it comes to the safety of you or a loved one. That’s why we invented PanicAPP. In the past, if you are our somewhere and you are attacked, you only have the option to call 911 if you even have the time to do it. And even then, you are patched into a third party and not directly to the police. Also, 911 does not know your location if you are not at your home.

With PanicAPP technology, now the police will instantly know your location through our GPS location tracker. Our app now shows the authorities your exact location and who you are immediately. Your location and personal information is displayed instantly on the dispatcher monitor and it even shows the dispatcher where the closest police officer is located. Allowing help to reach you much faster.

The dispatcher will also have a live streaming video and audio of the situation going on around you from your smartphone video. You also have two-way communications so you can instruct the dispatcher to anything happening at the scene.

PanicAPP has revolutionized how emergency services are able to respond to crimes, fires, accidents and any type situation. Now you can rest easy knowing you have real time communication with authorities at any time, day or night.

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